Ivan Konovalov about the destruction of the Turkish «Leopards»: what the US is doing in SyriaPHOTO: Turkish tanks «Leopard 2A4» in the parade // thepressproject.gr

Published: Latest world news. 03.03.2017.

In early December the Turkish army launched a large-scale assault on neighborhoods of the Syrian city of al-Bab, held by militants of the radical Islamist group Islamic state* (ISIS, ISIL — approx.ed.). To attack Ankara was concentrated large armed group, composed of about 10,000 soldiers, over 200 armored vehicles and about 50 different artillery systems. From the air the position of the Caliphate was under attack by Turkish fighter-bombers F-16. The main highlight of operations was the fact that it was first launched the third generation of tanks «Leopard 2A4».

Armored vehicles were delivered to Turkey from the armed forces of Germany and were the most modern tanks in the Turkish armored forces. However, despite the perfection of «Leopards», just a day of fighting, the militants managed to knock out three of the Turkish tank. Footage, which was filmed moments of destruction of armored vehicles instantly spread all over the Internet.

And if the reasons for the destruction of «Leopards» and may explain the low level of training of crews and as a coincidence, the origin of the funds the destruction of tanks very strange. All Turkish armored vehicles were destroyed with the help of American anti-tank missiles of TOW-2. But why at «Leopards» one of the countries of NATO, of which Turkey is under fire from weapons produced in the United States?

Hit by a rocket TOW-2 in one of the «Leopards» // imp-navigator.livejournal.com

This question is answered by the chief of the military policy and economy of the Russian Institute for strategic studies Ivan Konovalov.

«The chance of hitting the machine depends on the level of training of the operator and calculation of the anti-missile system, the tactics of their actions. And the terrorists are showing a very good fighting capacity. This also applies to ISIL militants, and the militants «Jabhat EN-Nusra»*. All of this suggests that terrorists are trained, but where? Those involved in their preparation? And where did they come from, in fact, the American complex TOW? How the terrorists were weapons complex, which the Americans, with their own words, delivered only moderate opposition?

Turns out that the US, contrary to its statements, do not control those arms which are the moderate opposition. All this is a myth and the most important moment in the destruction of «Leopards». In addition, let’s not forget that recently, Barack Obama lifted all restrictions on the supply of arms to Syria. So, given how complicated the situation in the middle East, as between themselves and ISIS interrelated groupings, some of which the United States can be considered moderate is now in the hands of the militants can be much more deadly weapon. First and foremost, you should think about it. The destruction of tanks of the allies of the us ATGM is an excellent indicator that weapons could get into the wrong hands.

But also do not forget about the complications which now arose between the US and Turkey regarding the relations with the Kurds and Russia. So, the Americans may well be especially put TOW and ISIS and the Kurds, who are also present in the area of al-Bab, to punish the rebellious NATO ally. Options can be many. Now the gap between Washington and Ankara is very strong. Because none of assumptions given the complexity of the situation, cannot be ruled out. And the Pentagon in the first place, we should think, what are they doing in the middle East».

* — an organization banned in Russia by the Supreme Court.