Covid-19 in the EU: the degradation of social cohesion and stabilityPublished: Centar za geostrateške studije

The first conference of the European Platform for Dialogue and Cooperation:

February 21, 2022 at 2.00 PM CET in Zoom online format

Covid-19 in the EU: the degradation of social cohesion and stability


Dragana Trifkovic Director-General, Center for Geostrategic Studies



Stephan U. Breu,DBA
Swiss Center for Global Trends
Dr. Elmar Kuhn European Academy of Science and Arts
Prof. Dr. Menno Aden Academic Arnaud Devaley International human right lawyer
Konrad Reqas Polish journalist and economist
MODERATOR Zoran Vitorovic, PhD

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The Swiss Center for Global Trends and the Center for Geostrategic Studies of Serbia have recently signed a cooperation agreement. The European Platform for Dialogue and Cooperation, in which our conference is being held today, is at the same time the first joint project of partner organizations from Switzerland and Serbia.

The basic idea behind our joint action: Switzerland and Serbia are European countries that are not members of the EU and NATO. Switzerland is home to many international institutions. As the successor of Yugoslavia and the Non-Aligned Movement, Serbia has the ability to take an independent position in international relations. That is why the idea of joint cooperation and the organization of an independent European platform for dialogue and cooperation was born, in which we plan to hold conferences on many topics. We believe that an open dialogue is more than necessary for the European society in times of geopolitical changes, in order to find the best solutions through discussion and cooperation and to provide answers to many questions concerning the future of European countries.

Our first conference is focused on the following topic: Covid-19 in the EU: the deterioration of social cohesion and stability. The pandemic of the Corona virus and all the events arising from it are very active in all spheres of human life, i.e., in global processes.