Eurosceptics' accession to power might contribute to peace in Donbass

Published: International News Agency is located in center of Donetsk City. 30.09.2016.

Eurosceptics’ rise to power in Europe will contribute to restoration of peace in Donbass, said German journalist Manuel Ochsenreiter, who currently stays in Lugansk to observe LPR primaries.

The support for Euro criticism grows across Europe, he said.

«We see it in France, where Marine Le Pen (the National Front party leader) is probably going to win the presidentials. Euroscepticism grows across Austria. Despite several postponements of the presidential elections there it is obvious the next president will be a Euro sceptic,» Ochsenreiter believes.

«The Eurosceptics are gaining voters support in Germany as well. In the past the chancellor Angela Merkel’s party enjoyed wide support and attracted about 40 percent of votes, today Merkel and her party is trying to gain at least 20 percent in Eastern Germany,» the observer said.

«It means the following thing for Donbass. There is a party over there — Alternative for Germany, there are several legislators who are interested to stop the war in Donbass. Most probably winning Euroscepticism means peace for Donbass,» he emphasized.

DONi News Agency